Childrens Art Studio

A tutorial experience for children who like art since 1988Picasso Lesson Children's Art Studio Project

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• Small group lessons for any type of child.
• Children explore the frontiers of creativity in an artist's home studio.
• Weekly lessons will answer their questions about making art.
• A nine month program including drawing and design, painting and printmaking, ceramics and mosaics, bookmaking, and photography.
• Clay they can touch, tools they can operate, floors they can drip paint on, projects beyond school.
• A potter's wheel they can try out, mosaics they design, a sculptor who shows them how.

Children's Art Studio Schedule: (Schedule may vary. Please call to register.)

K-Grade 4 Tuesday 4:00-5:00
Grades 5-6 Tuesday 5:15-6:15
Grades 7-9 Thurs. 4:30-5:30


Adult Workshops offered Fall-Spring 2011-2012 (Call for registration and class schedule.)

Adult Mosaic Adult Mosaic Workshop

Children's Art Studio See slide show

Mosaics for Your Home (Beginners and Advanced): Backsplashes, decorative mirrors with frames, or table tops.

Clay Portraiture: Realistic portraits made easy.

Open Studio: Three month membership at the UNION allows you access to a quiet, fully equipped photography darkroom, ceramics, mosaic, and painting studio. Relax and make art with no pressure.

Private Tutorials for you or your small group. Mosaic or pottery party for your special occasions. An unforgettable wedding, baby shower or birthday gift.

Community Service /Hands On: Call and learn how to bring a Blue Sky Project: Public Made/Public Art or a SWEETspot bikeRACK project to your church, youth group, or business

Contact for information:

Telephone: (320) 259-9240


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