About Sweetspot Bike Racks

Sweetspot offers two choices of custom-built racks made from recycled bike parts:

• Unpainted using parts that show the brand, color and character of the original bike
• State-of-the-art powder-coated painted racks in the color of your choice. Five Frame Back Rack

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Each design is artist-made and one-of-a-kind.

Smart sleek LEED driven. Innovative (non-motorized) parking.

Use our hands-on FIT-City Curriculum to create a green school-wide project where students connect health, sustainability, community service, and skill-based learning. Artist-in-Residence Program will link your art, shop, and phys-ed/health classes. Fund raising guidance is also available.

Reuse your ride. Get your club or community-based organization together for a rack-a-thon. We help you collect, disassemble, reassemble, and then install strong, functional, artist-designed bike racks using discarded bikes.

Sweetspot Bike Racks the sustainableway to reuse a ride

Product Details:

• Concrete-ready hardware included
• Designed to fit your space
• Steel base for portable use
• Low profile slim design
• Visible

Price List: See Price list

Specialized Racks

Further customize your bike rack with your business or school logo or add special features like wheels, chainwheels, saddles, and pedals. (Subject to individual quote.)

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